Oh heyyy gorgeous Mumma

It is about time for me to introduce myself to all of you as I get ready to kick off my fabulous little business. So, let’s get to it. I’m Kellie and I am the tired old brain behind ‘The Milk Mumma Co’. These days I am a mother first and foremost and I proudly own that title like a BOSS! If I do say so myself! I absolutely love this Motherhood gig and I am not just saying that. This ever so special journey has turned my life upside and changed me inside and out! I absolutely adore my little boy Harry and cannot imagine our life without him. Those unfiltered smiles of pure happiness melt me every time.

In saying that, the last 6 months of this Motherhood journey has been a wild ride of emotions, lifestyle changes, white noise and not to mention the sleep deprivation. Oh, the sleep deprivation that leaves you wondering how the hell will you ever get through another feed, let alone another day. Wondering when it is going to be your turn to clock off?! Let’s keep this real now. Life with a new kid in the hood flips you and your life right on your arse. Bye-bye date nights, the ever-elusive hot cuppa, a long shower or even just 2 precious minutes to yourself. Oh, how we savour those 2 minutes! Welcome to Motherhood. We would not change it for a second though, would we?!

So, who am I? Before the little one arrived, life was of course very different.  I was a jetsetter, a go-getter, a lover of adventures, an explorer of the great outdoors and devourer of delicious food. None of that has really changed, well, except mostly all of it. These are all still my favourite of things except priorities change. These priority changes had me dreaming into the night wondering how I could stay home just that little bit longer. I wanted to be there to savour all those precious developmental milestones as Harry grew. IAs much as I am passionate about my profession, I knew returning to shift work as an Intensive Care Registered Nurse was just not going to cut it for the moment. Those sleep deprived late-night soul searching and day-dreaming sessions transpired into the creation of ‘The Milk Mumma Co’.

Now, to the evolution of ‘The Milk Mumma Co’…

The Milk Mumma Co was dreamt up not only for the want of staying home with Harry but also being a first-time new mother, getting into the swing of this motherhood gig and soaking up all the baby love did get me thinking… At times in the wee hours of the night I was in desperate need of a good laugh or cry or both. I knew I wasn’t the only Mumma out there feeling like this. I wanted to create a fun and cheeky product just for Mumma’s that would give us a good giggle. A tongue-in-cheek treat for the Mumma’s who didn’t mind a few profanities and a product that would nurture and nourish us Mumma’s and in turn enable us to nurture and nourish our bubs. With all of this in mind, the Boobtastic Bickie and mixes transpired and so began the journey of The Milk Mumma Co. The Milk Mumma Co product range evolved from a sleep-deprived idea to a product aimed to support the breastfeeding and postpartum Mumma’s journey. I hope that you love my bickies and other goodies  just as much as I loved creating them for you.

Much love gorgeous Mumma xoxo